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About Autrol

Established in 1983 in Espoo ( near Helsinki ) as a trading company. We are a supplier of field instruments like temperature-, pressure, – level and flow measurement equipment as well as liquid analysis equipments.
We assemble temperature sensors in or workshop in Espoo, where we have got also a large stock of equipments and spare parts.

We proud of ourselves in having specialised knowledge in process measurement & control instrumentation, there are employed 5 specialists, including 4 sales engineers and one service engineer.

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The long term partnership and application knowledge quarantees the optimum performance and reliability for each measuring application supplied.


We are well known as potential supplier for field instruments in the Finnish process industry as well as in power stations and fresh / waste-water plants. We also have got partners in construction and machinery companies.


Level controls

Helios MSR
The PMS-range of liquidlevel measure equipment
Magnetrol International
GWR Radar Level Controls
Radar Level Controls / non contact
Ultrasonic Level Switches
Capacitance Level Controls
Float and Displacer Level Controls
Phönix Messtechnik
Magnetic Operated Level Gauges and Transmitters
Local Level Gauges
Optical Level Switches
Vibration Level Switches
Rotating Paddle Level Switches
Mechanical Level Controls for Solids
PSM Instrumentation
Submersible Pressure Transmitter

Flow measurements

Ultrasonic Flow Meters with Clamp On -Transducers
Rheonik Messgeräte
Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
Arkon Flow Systems
Magnetic Flow Meters, Pulsed DC Technology
Magnetrol International
Thermal Dispersion Flow Meters and Switches
PSM Instrumentation
Average Pitot Tube Sensor


Turbidity and Suspensed Solid Meters
Sludge Level Controls, pH, Dissolved Oxygen and
Conductivity Measurements

Gas Detectors

Temperature measurements

Resistance Thermometers, Thermocouple
Radiation pyrometers
Thermo Wells and Accessories
ABB (Sensycon)
Temperature sensors
Temperature Transmitters
Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Pressure measurements

PSM Instrumentation
Pressure transmitters
Suchy Messtechnik
Pressure Gauges
Temperature Gauges
Pressure Transmitters

Contact us

Oy Autrol Ab


Oy Autrol Ab

Sateenkaari 1
02100 Espoo

autrol (at)


Miikka Kilpeläinen

miikka.kilpelainen (at)

Klaus Graubner

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Kimmo Lehto

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Julia Graubner

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